Little Bits mission is to feed the very best to your pet, wild or domestic, that’s why discriminating horsemen, ranch and farm owners, 4h, FFA families and pet owners of the gorge come back to Little Bit again and again!


Our history

Denny Fisher purchased ¾ acre on the corner of rand and cascade in 1952 constructing a gas station to served the community as a gas depot. In the early 70’s Denny and his son Kirk turned Little Bit into “ Denny’s 39 cent Hamburger joint” which was a classic local haunt for over a decade!

384In 1983 Little Bit ranch Supply began in the back room of “Dennys” along with a Greyhound Bus Depot and a Thrift Store.




Fast forward to the present and Denny Fishers sense of community and small town charm lives on as daughter Karen Fisher now runs The Best Li’l Feedstore in the Gorge Little Bit Ranch Supply. serving the modern needs of the Farm, Ranch and Pet owner in the Gorge!