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Chicken - littlebitranchsupply.net

Got Chicks! At Little Bit we have Hot Chicks!

We have Bard Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, Air a connas, white leghorns, sex links, turkeys, ducks, bantams, Cornish cross, rhode island reds and more  …..

Plus every hot chick accessory you need!…..Feeders, cages, scratch,

Little Bit Buys and sells local Eggs! locally grown farm fresh Eggs are available to you at little bit for only 3 bucks a dozen! grown locally right here!

Were proud supporters of 4H and FFA county and state fair participants throughout the season. Little Bit offer the best 4H and FFA deal around, Check this out, a 15 %  …..discount on anything in the store for local 4H or FFA members.! Call for details.